Spencer Harris 'Car Flames'
Spencer Harris 'Car Flames'

Spencer Harris 'Car Flames'

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Artist:  Spencer Harris
Title: Car Flames
Size: 12 x 9 Inches 
Acrylic, colored pencil on paper
Year:  2021
Notes: Hand Signed on verso by the Artist. Artwork is in excelent condition. Gallery COA Included.
About: Spencer Harris is a painter from San Antonio, TX working in Queens, NY. His works focus on symbolic language and fragmented memory, he uses his practice to analyze differences between what memories remain and what becomes lost with time. The imagery is rooted in his experience growing up in the south, boyhood, coming of age, pop culture and cultural iconography. Through associative memory recollection Harris recreates imagery in methods varying from realist painting to found material, collage, and stencils. Harris recently graduated with his MFA in Painting from the Pratt Institute and has been exhibited in New York, Chicago, Spain, and Texas.