Downtown Hollywood Showrooms


 Monday  Closed
2pm - 6pm
Wednesday  2pm - 6pm
Thursday  2pm - 6pm
Friday  2pm - 8pm
Saturday  2pm - 9pm 
Sunday  2pm - 6pm 

Call: 954.404.8322

2000 Harrison St. Bay 3 

Hollywood FL, 33020

Current and Past Shows

Urban Contemporary Art
Museum Inducted
Auction Tracked
Traded Artists 

North Showroom

2001 Tyler St. 6 Hollywood FL, 33020 By Appointment Only

South Showroom

2000 Harrison St. Bay 3 Hollywood FL, 33020  

2021 Show Schedule 2021 Show Schedule
Jan: Best on the Street  -
Feb: #BlackArtMatters -
March: #BlackArtMatters March: Tiago Magro Residency 
April - May: Masters of Urban Contemporary Art III April: Tiago Magro Solo Show
- May: Tiago Magro Show Extended
- June:
Rectangles, Circles & Squares... oh my!
- July: Masters of Urban Contemporary Art IV
- Aug: Beyond Vandalism II
- Sept:  Artist Residency (TBA)
- Oct: Artist Resident Solo Show
- Nov: Artist Resident Extended

Dec: Deck the Walls II 

+ Art Basel 2021