Nina Chanel Abney 'Baby'
Nina Chanel Abney 'Baby'
Nina Chanel Abney 'Baby'
Nina Chanel Abney 'Baby'
Nina Chanel Abney 'Baby'

Nina Chanel Abney 'Baby'

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Artist: Nina Chanel Abney
Title: Baby
Size: 10.25 x 3 Inches (26.04 x 3 cm)
Medium: Painted Cast Vinyl Sculpture
Edition: of 1000
Year: 2020
Publisher: All Rights Reserved 
Notes: In excellent condition, Comes in the Original Box with an authentication sticker/hologram on the reverse of box. Displayed. Stamped on the underside of the foot; from a sold out limited edition of unknown.

Nina Chanel’s 'Baby' figure strikingly re-imagines Mickey Mouse as a man dressed in a bright red jumpsuit, with mirroring red circles stamped on the cheeks. Constructed with sharp angles and an asymmetrical mold, the figure is highlighted by a geometric silhouette with cubist-like features, including crooked facial features; and unbalanced shoulders, which slope inwards towards the figure's narrowing legs. The work comes housed in an elegant black & white collector's box illustrated by Abney with varying eye patterns.