Nigel Howlett 'Drawing I'
Nigel Howlett 'Drawing I'
Nigel Howlett 'Drawing I'

Nigel Howlett 'Drawing I'

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Artist:  Nigel Howlett
Title:  Drawing I
Size:   10 1/4 x 7 7/8 Inches 
Mixed Media on Paper 
Year:  2021 
Notes: Hand Signed on Bottom Right

Surreal and contemplative, Nigel Howlett's artworks (UK, b. 1979) offer a monochromatic exploration of the intricacies of human existence. 'Inside Out,' along with several of his other creations, portrays a faceless cartoon character whose body language speaks volumes despite her anonymity. Many of Howlett's recent pieces draw inspiration from the peculiarities of life during the pandemic, as well as the evolution of broader social and political themes in recent times.

The central figure in 'Inside Out,' peering through window blinds, resonates strongly with the psychological and societal repercussions of the past year. While maintaining a minimalist aesthetic, Howlett's art captures poignant moments that are both suggestive and open to interpretation. It elegantly underscores humanity's remarkable capacity to communicate without the need for words.