Molly A. Greene 'Insinuator'
Molly A. Greene 'Insinuator'

Molly A. Greene 'Insinuator'

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Artist:  Anthony Miler
Title:  Insinuator
Size: 18 x 24 Inches
Archival pigment print
 of 30
Year:  2021
Notes: Hand signed and numbered by the Artist. Artwork is in excellent condition. Certificate of Authenticity included.

Molly Greene confronts and contorts pre-formed notions on the corporeal, the living, the natural, and the mechanical. Using familiar motifs such as hair, braids, and flora, the artist’s vignettes offer an intimate consideration of our relationships with these objects and with our bodies alike. Based in Los Angeles, she received her PhD, MA, and MPhil in American Studies, in addition to a MESc in Environmental Science, from Yale University. Greene has exhibited at The Hole, New York; Kaap Kaap, Philadelphia; 0-0 LA, Los Angeles; and Ramp Gallery, London.

Often originating from spontaneous thought, Greene’s paintings are constructed through thin layers applied with an airbrush. Insinuator stems from a recent body of work that deals with the notion of the machine within broader understandings of nature. Flower buds trace from tubular stems in a nearly symmetrical configuration that recalls various scientific processes, for instance the splitting of the atom or a laboratory dissection. Organic, living objects take on an industrial appearance within the image, reexamining conventional definitions of natural and unnatural.

Of this benefit series, she notes, “Hunger and food insecurity in the United States is particularly perverse because it occurs alongside such excess and wealth, and so I’m thrilled to support City Harvest, which is translating the wastefulness of our systems into the alleviation of hunger.”

Source: Art For Change