Kevin Peterson 'Grizzly Walk'
Kevin Peterson 'Grizzly Walk'

Kevin Peterson 'Grizzly Walk'

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Artist: Kevin Peterson 
Title: Grizzly Walk 
Medium: Unique silkscreen on Archival Fine Art Paper
Size: 24 x 18 Inches 
Edition: of 75
Year: 2021
Notes: Hand Signed and Numbered by the Artist. Custom Framed Floating with a Flat Black frame. 

Kevin Peterson's art delves into the diverse journeys we undertake throughout life, reflecting the experiences of growing up and existing in a fractured world. His paintings convey a narrative of trauma, fear, and loneliness, while also celebrating the resilience required to not just survive but to thrive. Each artwork presents a striking interplay between untainted innocence and a backdrop of a worn, tattered, and corrupted environment.

Within his creations, themes of support and restraint, bondage and freedom, and tension and slack are artfully explored, inviting viewers to contemplate these contrasting elements. Peterson's work artfully delves into the emotions of isolation, longing, and solitude, complemented by an underlying sense of hopeful optimism.

Recent pieces have brought forth issues of race and wealth disparity, prompting thought-provoking examinations of rigid boundaries and the possibilities for their hopeful dissolution. Inquisitive inquiries arise concerning the forces that steer human behavior and societal divisions.

Through his art, Kevin Peterson captures the essence of the human experience, encouraging contemplation and reflection on the complexities of life, society, and the individual's place within it. His unique blend of emotive storytelling and thought-provoking themes resonates deeply with audiences, leaving a lasting impression on those who encounter his captivating works.