Keith Haring 'Apocalypse 3'
Keith Haring 'Apocalypse 3'

Keith Haring 'Apocalypse 3'

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Artist: Keith Haring 
Title: Apocalypse 3
Size:  38 × 38 in | 96.5 × 96.5 cm
Medium: Screenprint in colors on Lenox Museum Board
Edition: of 90 
Year: 1988
Notes: Hand-signed by artist, Signed, numbered, and dated in pencil.

Text: Willliam S. Burroughs

Page 3
Cherry-pickers with satin brushes big as a door inch through Wall Street, leaving a vast souvenir postcard of the Grand Canyon. Water trucks slosh out paint, outlaw painters armed with paint pistols paint everything and everyone in reach. Survival Artists, paint cans strapped to their backs, grenades at their belts, paint anything and anybody within range. Skywriters dogfight, collide and explode in paint. Telephone poles dance electric jigs in swirling, crackling wires. Neon explosions and tornados flash through ruined cities, volcanoes spew molten colors as the earths crust buckles and splinters into jigsaw pieces.