Keith Haring 'Apocalypse 10'
Keith Haring 'Apocalypse 10'
Keith Haring 'Apocalypse 10'

Keith Haring 'Apocalypse 10'

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Artist: Keith Haring 
Title: Apocalypse 10
Size:  38 × 38 in | 96.5 × 96.5 cm
Medium: Screenprint in colors on Lenox Museum Board
Edition: 75 of 90 
Year: 1988
Notes: Hand-signed by artist, Signed, numbered, and dated in pencil

Text: Willliam S. Burroughs: 

Page 10
Skyscrapers scrape rents of blue and white paint from the sky, the rivers swirl with color, nitrous ochres and reds eat through the bridges, falling into the rivers, splashing colors across warehouses and piers and roads and buildings, AMOK art floods inorganic molds, stirring passion of metal and glass, steel girders writhing in mineral lusts burst from their concrete covers, walls of glass melt and burn with madness in a billion crazed eyes, bridges buck cars and trucks into the rivers, the sidewalks run ahead faster and faster, energy ground down into sidewalks and streets by billions of feet and tires erupts from manholes and tunnels, breaks out with volcanic force:


Caught in New York beneath the animals of the village, the Piper pulled down the sky.