Kai ‘Aspiring Balancing Act Toy’
Kai ‘Aspiring Balancing Act Toy’
Kai ‘Aspiring Balancing Act Toy’

Kai ‘Aspiring Balancing Act Toy’

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Artist: Kai
Title: Aspiring Balancing Act Toy
Size: 17 1/5 x 12 x 8 Inches
Medium: Wooden box, protective foam, gloves, cement base, and the toy
Edition: of 250
Year: 2020
Manufacturer: Beyond the Streets
Notes: Hand Signed by the Artist. Created and crafted in Kai’s studio, the figure features his signature IF (Imaginary Friend) character challenged with the ultimate balancing act: riches vs. love.

The straightforward 2 piece construction featuring the wood IF piece and the concrete pyramidal base belies the delicate effort needed to bring the piece from concept to reality including sanding and fine tuning the balance of each unit. Fittingly, the wood toy comes packaged in a custom, handcrafted wood box with a matching silk-screened image in pink on the slide-out lid.