David Shrigley 'I Will Not Fight'

David Shrigley 'I Will Not Fight'

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Artist:  David Shrigley
Title:  I Will Not Fight
Size: 31.5 x 24 Inches (80 x 62.5 cm)
Medium: Digital Print on 200g Munken Lynx paper
  Open Edition 
Year:  2019

Custom Framed in Flat White with Acid Free Spacers

David Shrigley posters created from the unique work:

Untitled (I Will Not Fight) (2019)

Select colour paintings reproduced as large format posters. Made to encourage joy, thoughtfulness and curiosity in any space for everyone.

These posters were first made in collaboration with Arken Museum, Ishøj, Denmark, on the occasion of the exhibition Animals in Art in 2020.

This poster is an open edition.

80 x 60 cm
Printed on 200g Munken Lynx paper
Printed by Narayana Press in Denmark