CB Hoyo 'Do What The Fuck Makes You Happy'

CB Hoyo 'Do What The Fuck Makes You Happy'

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Artist:  CB Hoyo
Title: Do What The Fuck Makes You Happy
Size: 19 x 13 in (48.3 x 33 cm)
Fine art giclée print on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag with Deckle Edge
of 560
Year:  2022
Notes: Hand Signed and Numbered by the Artist. 

Born in the vibrant city of Havana in 1995, CB Hoyo emerges as a compelling force in the realm of contemporary art. His artistic journey is a captivating exploration at the crossroads of art history, personal narratives, and social discourse. Initially a self-taught prodigy, Hoyo's evolution as an artist is a testament to his relentless passion and insatiable curiosity.

Hoyo's creative repertoire spans a diverse array of mediums, including the vivid strokes of painting, the intricate lines of drawing, and the eloquence of the written word. Through his art, he challenges the established norms of artistry and authenticity, urging viewers into a profound dialogue with both the artist and their own inner selves.

What distinguishes Hoyo's work is its exuberant palette and playful spirit, interwoven with familiar art historical references, all tinged with a critical and often humorous edge. His "Fakes" series breathes new life into iconic artworks, infusing them with a contemporary essence, while the "Corny Quotes" series showcases his contemplative ponderings on life, love, and society, all elegantly handwritten in his distinctive style. These creations offer a fresh lens through which to contemplate the essence of 21st-century artistic expression, compelling viewers to delve into the depths of their own emotions and experiences.

Hoyo weaves a rich tapestry of personal anecdotes, introspections, and observations into his art, drawing inspiration from his Caribbean heritage, his triumph over dyslexia, and his keen observations of the world that surrounds him. Skillfully merging these elements, he crafts mesmerizing masterpieces that resonate universally, transcending cultural boundaries. His work becomes a profound reflection on contemporary culture and identity, inviting viewers to explore the multifaceted facets of their own existence.

Fearless in his critique of the art world he inhabits, Hoyo stands as a beacon of boundary-pushing creativity, challenging the very foundations of the status quo. His art is a dynamic testament to his relentless pursuit of evolution, both as an artist and as a provocateur of thought. With an ever-expanding international presence and a dedicated following, CB Hoyo continues to inspire others, encouraging them to confront the intricacies of the world through the transformative power of creative expression.