Andy Warhol 'Uncle Sam' (F&S II.259), 1981

Andy Warhol 'Uncle Sam' (F&S II.259), 1981

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Artist: Andy Warhol 
Title: Uncle Sam
Size:  38 × 38 in | 96.5 × 96.5 cm
Medium: Screenprint in colors on Lenox Museum Board with diamond dust
Edition: of 200
Year: 1981
Notes: Hand-signed and numbered by the Artist. Custom Framed Floating in a Flat Black Frame. Published by Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, Inc., NY. Printed by Rupert Jasen Smith, NY.

In 1981, the renowned artist Andy Warhol produced ten silk-screened prints, each drawing inspiration from iconic figures deeply embedded in American popular culture and the nation's collective psyche. These prints featured Dracula, Howdy Doody, Mammy, Mickey Mouse, Santa Claus, Superman, the Shadow, the Star, the Witch, and Uncle Sam.

One of Warhol's notable creations from this series is Uncle Sam, a captivating portrayal of the quintessential American figure. In this artwork, Uncle Sam is set against a subdued tan background, with the only bursts of color emanating from the vivid shades of red and blue meticulously outlining his features and adorning his iconic stars-and-stripes hat. This deliberate color scheme is a poignant nod to the historical significance of Uncle Sam himself.

This particular screen print was conceived as a part of Warhol's "Myths" series, a collection dedicated to exploring mythical figures, often American heroes, from the country's past. These iconic characters not only symbolize different facets of American history but also offer a unique glimpse into Warhol's own life and persona. In this sense, his instantly recognizable portrayals of these characters take on a more intimate and personalized significance.