Whatson x Snik: White Washed in Wynwood

 '"It starts with this irony: Wynwood's middle school doesn't have an art department… due to budget restraints… How can the most burgeoning art neighborhood on the planet have public schools that don't teach art or music?" 

- The Huffington Post 
In Nov, of 2017 my wife and I spent a couple of hours wondering around Wynwood taking photos in front of some of our favorite walls from artists that we where actively marketing within the gallery.
 Shepard Fairey x Cleon Peterson's collaboration still looked fresh. Snik's 'Fix the Sky' still looked as clean as the day it was installed.  I always loved the fence in front of this section of wall. It ominously stands guard protecting the works within.
Whatson's 'Sweeper' got immediate attention from local taggers. Most attempting to imitate Whatson's unique style and failing miserably or attempt to take ownership of the work because Martin signed the work under the loading dock ledge to the far bottom right of the installation.
In 2018, Snik's 'Fix the Sky' mural was tagged, but, the writer was kind enough to leave most of the composition transforming the work into something new. 
As Daisy Alioto recently stated, 'Graffiti artists learn early not to get too attached. Ephemera is as central to their medium as spray paint. Some works last months, others don’t make it through the night.
Over the years as friends and family would come into town and we would take them down to Wynwood and show them the walls and they would notice and point out works that we had hanging within our home. For many it was their first introduction into the Urban Contemporary Arts but everyone walked away with a greater understanding and appreciation for the murals that they see around their communities. 
This past trip to Wynwood, we where surprised to discover that many of our favorite walls had been white washed. Both Whatson and Snik's installations had been removed and then I was even more shocked to discover that Snik's 'Fix the Sky' had also been re-painted.
As sad as it is to see these installations disappear, the anticipation of what will appear in their place is very exciting. I am looking forward to our next trip to the Salty Donut and an afternoon of wondering around Wynwood, discovering our next new favorite local walls. 
Whatson's Newest print release, 'The Cycle' a diptych that highlights the never-ending evolution of our urban surroundings.