Tristan Eaton 'Apathy Exposed'

Tristan Eaton 'Apathy Exposed'

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Artist:  Tristan Eaton 
Title:  Apathy Exposed
Size:   55 x 20 Inches
Medium:  7 Color screen print with specialty day-glow (blacklight) inks on Conventry
  of 300
Year:  2019
This stunning limited edition highlights the plight of shark populations and oceans around the world. Up to 100 million sharks killed annually, primarily targeted for the global trade in shark fins, we must act now to help save these often misunderstood apex predators from extinction.

Tristan Eaton’s ‘Apathy Exposed’ is an explosive, large format silk-screen print featuring 7 vibrant layers of specialty day-glow (Blacklight) inks at a humongous scale. This special edition revisits Eaton’s sought after limited edition series of shark inspired prints that benefit PangeaSeed Foundation's art and activism (ARTivism) efforts around the globe. This is Eaton’s largest print for PangeaSeed Foundation so far.

At 55” inches wide, ‘Apathy Exposed’ is a colossal display of ARTivism executed masterfully by our friends at Serio Press in Los Angeles, CA. Special thanks to the good people at Legion Paper for the support.


"In an age of cell phone obsession and social media activism, there are few people out there in the world doing the real hard work, getting their hands dirty to make the world a better place. Tre' & Akira of PangeaSeed Foundation and their team are those people. I’ve witnessed great success in their direction on how to make art WORK for a cause. The funds generated from my prints in collaboration with PangeaSeed Foundation go directly into action needed to fight for the health of our oceans and endangered marine life, such as sharks, threatened by human activity and destructive industries.

I hope this example of art & activism shines a light on their efforts and helps expose the global apathy towards the ginormous threats facing our global shark populations and ocean ecosystems today.

Whoever is reading this right now can support this important cause from the comfort of their couch and the privacy of their phone by buying this print and joining the fight to save our oceans!

Thank you, PangeaSeed Foundation, for all you do and for letting me be a part of it!"

- Tristan Eaton