Tiago Magro 'New Old I'
Tiago Magro 'New Old I'

Tiago Magro 'New Old I'

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Artist: Tiago Magro
Title: The New Old I
Size: 48 x 27 Inches (121.9 x 68.6 cm)
Medium: Torn Screen Prints, Collage and Acrylic on Wood
Edition: Original
Year: 2020
Notes: I gave Tiago some Old screen prints from my personal collection to use as inspiration while creating something New. The New Old Series of Originals on a Broken 4 x 8 ft Piece of Plywood from Paris. The New Old I features a Torn up screen print by Shepard Fairey 'Interpol Interpolation'. The pair arrived damaged, becoming a truly incredible collaboration. Our Personal Favorite from the series, highlights the constant struggle between Love and Power.