Tiago Magro 'Action'
Tiago Magro 'Action'

Tiago Magro 'Action'

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Artist:  Tiago Magro
Title:   Action
Size:   48 x 48 Inches 
Acrylic on Canvas
Year:  2015
Notes:  Hand Signed, Dated and Embellished on verso by the artist. Artwork is in Excellent Condition. Additional Images upon request. COA Included. 

I first met Tiago in 2015, he came into Gallery Art hoping to display his works amongst Ken's Collection. GallArt is a secondary market gallery not a primary market gallery. Literally hundreds of artists come in and ask that same question each and every month and 99.9% are turned away.

I instantly saw tons of potential in his work and brought four works on consignment including 'Action'.  I displayed three of the works and hid 'Action' in the back. The three displayed sold within a couple of weeks of being hung. My wife and I both loved 'Action' so much, we purchased the work and it's been on display within our collection since.  Stop in the gallery to view Tiago's newest originals that have just arrived!!

Since 2015, Tiago has completed public murals in Wynwood, The W Resort South Beach and Ft, Lauderdale, Featured Artist at Art Palm Beach 2017 and 2018. Displayed at Art Basel - Red Dot 2016 -2018.  Completed a Live Exhibit with Marcel Katz and the Art Plug and since has had several print releases with The Art Plug.

He is one of the most humble down to earth individuals one will ever meet and we a proud to have helped him along the way. 

What's Next? A print release of 'Action' is currently being printed on canvas and will be available soon as our first print release via End to End Gallery. More details coming soon!