Steven Harrington 'Magic Hour'
Steven Harrington 'Magic Hour'

Steven Harrington 'Magic Hour'

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Artist: Steven Harrington
Title: Magic Hour
Size: 31 x 24 in (78.7 x 61 cm)
Medium: Eleven color screen print + glossy black ink on 110# Crane Lettra paper, Deckled edges
Edition: of 120
Year: 2020
Notes: Hand Signed & Numbered by the Artist. Artwork is in excellent condition. Custom framed to conservation standards in white, gallery frame.

Magic Hour is an over-the-top world of poppy colors, wild characters, and psychedelic dreams. Just as the magic hour straddles time between day and night, this work walks the line between lighthearted playfulness and something a bit more nuanced, image for the sake of image and icons that inspire narrative. “At the end of the day,” Steven Harrington says, “it’s about sitting down in front of a piece of paper and freely exploring.” Bold, flat colors, abstract hints of nostalgia, and familiar yet surprising forms all invite the viewer in. What happens then is anyone’s guess.