Joakim Ojanen 'Lill-Lörda' (Pink)
Joakim Ojanen 'Lill-Lörda' (Pink)

Joakim Ojanen 'Lill-Lörda' (Pink)

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Artist:  Joakim Ojanen
Title:  Lill-Lörda (Pink)
Size:  9 2/5 × 9 2/5 × 6 9/10 in (24 × 24 × 17.5 cm)
Medium: Hand-blown glass sculpture
  of 25
Year:  2021
Notes:  The endearing, tragicomic figures of Swedish artist Joakim Ojanen express familiar emotions in peculiar ways. The edition's title references 'Lillördag,' a phrase meaning 'little Saturday' which has come to be used as an alternative name for Wednesday in Sweden — referencing a cultural trend for treating the day as a mini weekend in the middle of the working week.

Each work is individually hand blown, with differing thicknesses of glass. As a result, the colors vary between each piece, making each work unique. For best effect, we recommend placing the sculpture in a well lit room.