Banksy 'Peckham Rock' (Pair Framed)
Banksy 'Peckham Rock' (Pair Framed)

Banksy 'Peckham Rock' (Pair Framed)

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Artist:  Banksy
Title:  Peckham Rock
Size:  7.09 x 4.72 Inches
Medium:  Wood 
Year:  2018 
Notes:  A wooden Replica of Banksy's "Peckham Rock" Wall Art. 

Banksy's 'Peckham Rock' is a piece of concrete showing a supposed prehistoric figure pushing a shopping trolley. This was placed in The British Museum in 2005, accompanied by an authentic looking information label and was there for three days before anyone realized something was amiss. 

The reverse has a copy of the text from the information label that was originally placed with the wall art; leaving no space to write a personalized message or stamp. 

Released by the British Museum.

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