Banksy 'Barcode'
Banksy 'Barcode'
Banksy 'Barcode'

Banksy 'Barcode'

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Artist:  Banksy 
Title:  Barcode
Size:   19.7 x 27.6 Inches (70 x 50 CM)
Screen Print
Year:  2005
Notes:   Barcode, often called ‘ Barcode Leopard Tiger,’ is an early and highly coveted stencil artwork created by Banksy in 2004. He released the artwork for sale in an edition of 750, with 150 signed prints and 600 unsigned prints. Some prints include a red stamp in the lower left corner, while some do not. Banksy has used the image of the barcode in other works including the Barcode Shark and art for album covers.

The Barcode image itself is one of Banksy’s earliest. The Bristol-born artist stenciled it onto a wall outside of a house in his hometown circa 1999 or 2000, before he joined the London scene. The urban street art piece vanished in 2010 during extensive remodeling of the property, but re-emerged four years later at a nearby grammar school where one of the teachers revealed that her husband had been one of the constructions workers at the scene of the remodel. The teacher and her husband recognized that the stencil, which was slated to be demolished, was a Banksy artwork. They received permission from the homeowner to cut out the stencil painting and kept it hidden under their own bed for four years, until they were ready to show it.

This is a work is outside of the edition of 750. It was given as a gift from a major Banksy Collector. Since it was a gift, Pest Control will not Authenticate.