Keith Haring 'Untitled (Plate 4 from the Blueprint Drawings)'
Keith Haring 'Untitled (Plate 4 from the Blueprint Drawings)'

Keith Haring 'Untitled (Plate 4 from the Blueprint Drawings)'

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Artist:  Keith Haring
Title: Untitled (Plate 4 from the Blueprint Drawings)
Size: 42 1/2 × 57 1/2 in | 108 × 146.1 cm
Screen Print on wove paper
  4 of 33
Year:  1990
Notes: Hand-signed by artist, Signed, dated, and numbered in pencil lower right. Very Good Condition. Custom Framed in Seamless Steel Frames valued at $6000. Due to the Steel Frame there are imperfections on the frame caused by the elements as intended by the previous owner.

Klaus Littman; "Keith Karing. Editions on Paper 1982-1990. The Complete Printed Works. From the Collection of the Estate of Keith Haring", p. 174: [The Blueprint drawings] "These 17 drawings were created over a period of a few weeks between December 1980 and January 1981. The original drawings were executed on vellum with Sumi ink because I intended to make blueprint copies of each of the drawings. Periodically I would take my drawings to the local blueprinters, where I had much enjoyment trying to explain the content of these works to the men who operated the blueprint machines. After a few weeks, everyone in the shop was familiar with my drawings. This was also the time I began drawing in the NYC subways.
The drawings were exhibited in a small gallery space at Westbeth Painter's Space in February 1981. It was my first one-man exhibition in New York City. The exhibition lasted for one week, during which time I sold several blueprint copies of the drawings, but no original drawings. Since then many of the drawings have been sold and I don't know their whereabouts. However, before I sold any of them i made photostats of each of the drawings. These prints were made from those stats. They form a perfect time capsule of my beginning in New York City. Keith Haring, 1990, New York."