Banksy 'Dumbo' (Signed)

Banksy 'Dumbo' (Signed)

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Artist:  Banksy 
Title:  Dumbo
Size:   22.05 x 29.92 Inch
Medium: Watercolor & Screenprint
  of 25
Year:  2014
Notes: One of the 10 Hand signed and numbered screen prints with a hand-finished watercolor on paper. Pest Control included.

Banksy’s Dumbo is an extremely rare Banksy print. It was never released publicly. All 25 prints are hand-finished with watercolor and only 10 are signed.

Dumbo is a darkly-themed artwork that shows jihadists standing on and around a slain cartoon elephant named Dumbo, who is mistreated during his life as a circus animal in the 1941 Disney animated film. The image symbolizes the treachery of radicalized movements toward the innocence and vulnerability of youth.

The Dumbo print was released after a video of the same name, which Banksy created during his Better Out Than In residency in New York City in October 2013. As part of his effort to release one piece of artwork every day for 31 days, he posted the Dumbo video (which shows Syrian rebels shooting an air rocket and capsizing their target, featuring a superimposed animation of Dumbo the elephant as target) in the Dumbo neighborhood of Brooklyn.

Dumbo is one of the most rare and sought-after street art prints by Banksy. If you would like to buy Banksy's Dumbo, it is a highly desirable and nearly impossible to find. 

Custom Framed floating on white with a dark brown frame.